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IP Cameras Are IN

VinTech just recently posted an article about the benefits of switching to IP cameras, and a new study published by Security Info Watch, and conducted by the Loss Prevention Research Council, concluded that 87% of retailers are considering upgrading to IP.

An interesting fact that the study found was that 98% of the retailers surveyed use surveillance systems in their stores, but only 25% have made the switch to IP. Why? There is a perceived hurdle of higher cost.

The reality though, is this technology will provide a better ROI (return on investment). When you invest in a surveillance system, you want to make sure you can use the footage, in the case of a problem. With IP, you get CLEAR image quality, for monitoring customers entering your store, your stock room, employee transactions with the cash register, and monitoring customers for loss prevention, as demonstrated above.

According to the survey:

– 98 percent of executives said video surveillance reduced internal loss
– 75 percent claim that video surveillance reduced external loss
– Of those that reported poor image quality as a problem with their surveillance system, all of them were utilizing analog technology as part of the system

Making the switch to IP is an inevitable trend, and it isn’t as costly as retailers think. Consider creating a hybrid system: utilize your existing analog camera system and add in a couple IP cameras. The system not only helps to prevent loss, but also aids in safety and crime prevention with results you can see.

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