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The Psychology of Safety: It Won’t Happen to Me!

Something’s wrong. Your door may be open, or there is shattered glass on the floor in your living room. It hits you like being punched in the stomach. I’ve been robbed. How could this happen to me?

The Psychological Law of Self Exception, or the “It-Won’t-Happen-to-Me” syndrome commonly makes us fearless beings. It tricks us into thinking, “I won’t have a problem. Someone else will or could, but not me.”

At VinTech, we often hear the couldas, shouldas, and wouldas, and there is absolutely no exception to that when it comes to your home or business being broken into.

Too many prospects just did not believe that anyone would ever try to burglarize their home. They felt this way even though houses like theirs, in the same neighborhood, owned by people just like them, were burglarized. Just last week, we had 3 clients seek help for security consulting service because (after the fact) they have been burglarized.

July could be called National Burglary Month, as the FBI says this month is when burglaries go through the roof. July is typically the month most families go on vacation, and what better time to rob a home when it guarantees no one will be there.

Burglars almost always watch a neighborhood they would like to hit, and typically won’t target a home if they think someone is inside. These thieves are usually looking for cash, jewelry, electronics and other items they can sell to each other or on the street.

The majority of burglaries occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., when people are at work or running errands.

Although, burglars will take any opportunity that presents itself. Liz M. of Hyde Park writes “Stay on high alert, there are night roamers that are testing open and locked doors at night. We were disturbed twice in a two week span. I am convinced that our 90 lb dog scared away the latest before our house alarm went off, but they did steal out of our garage and our neighbors were not so lucky with a break in at their house. With the warmth of summer, people tend to relax and ease up on added security checks prior to leaving for a weekend or going to bed at night. Please be safe and alert.”

The Better Business Bureau marked the season with some sound advice, “Number one is, understand what you need in terms of security. What kind of lifestyle do you lead? What kind of complexity do you need in your security system?” says BBB of Metropolitan New York President and CEO Claire Rosenzweig.

Although some security systems can be complicated, she explains that even a simple system will protect your home or business. “The key to the purchase is buying something that will sound an alarm and prompt a response when needed.”

What ways can I help to prevent burglaries?

  • Be aware.
  • Talk to your neighbors.
  • Use your burglar alarm EVERY DAY! Nationwide, less than 2 percent of all burglaries occur in homes that have an alarm.
  • If you suspect a break in, or something just doesn’t feel right, don’t enter your house, even if you’re uncertain whether someone has broken in. Call 911.
  • Install deadbolts that go in 2 inches.
  • Be observant and report suspicious behavior.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Remember the 7-3 rule. No shrubbery next to your house should grow taller than 3 feet, and tree limbs shouldn’t hang below 7 feet from the ground. It’s all about sight lines.
  • When on vacation, have a family member or close friend pick up your mail, provide some activity in your home, etc.
  • For women who are home alone, make it appear there is someone else home. You can yell behind you, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll get the door!”
  • Remember the 4 L’s: landscape, locks, lighting, and layer your defenses!
  • Get a FREE safety/security assessment from VinTech. We will make sure your home is prepared for protecting against potential intruders.

Burglary is never an easy topic to discuss or confront, but with one occurring every 14.6 seconds in the U.S., it is imperative that you know you have help from VinTech when it comes to finding the right security solution for your home or business before it’s too late. We are here to combat the “It-Won’t-Happen-to-Me” syndrome, one person at a time.

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