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Surveillance Vs. Spy

Every day you are captured on a surveillance camera roughly 8-12 times a day.

Sure, we know we will be monitored say, leaving the lobby of our condo, in the parking garage, on a traffic camera, in the lobby of our office building, perhaps at the local deli, the grocery store, the CVS, etc.

But what about places where a surveillance camera crosses privacy boundaries?

Hidden cameras have been used for years, found today in places from EXIT signs to backpacks, Nanny cams in Teddy bears to watches. There have been quite a few stories in the media recently about people discovering they were on hidden camera, and the surveillance was very much unwelcome.

Take for instance the news story of a little girl who discovered a hidden camera in a Starbucks restroom. Obviously, her father was very angry, and the girl was very distressed. Another story was two female roommates who discovered a hidden camera in their apartment bathroom and bedrooms. It’s illegal to put cameras in where privacy is expected – like bathroom, changing room, etc.!

When people discover hidden cameras, it really upsets them (as it should!) and loses their trust. VinTech promotes security solutions that are visible or covert, do not trick or unlawfully watch people, and are used for normal surveillance purposes. In the long run, it is not worth the consequences of a hidden camera!

There are many benefits of non hidden cameras. Surveillance cameras are not intrusive, as they “are in public places, where people’s faces and cars are visible to everyone.  They catch only what any passerby, and any police officer who might be present, can lawfully see.”

1. They protect you AND deter crime. A person is more likely NOT to commit a crime since they know they are being watched.

2. When a crime is committed and caught on a surveillance camera, the footage is often the strongest lead or evidence for capturing the criminal. One of our client’s surveillance cameras even once assisted with a homicide, caught on one of their cameras watching over the street in front of their business.

3. Although surveillance cameras may not be 100% reliable, they can be much more reliable than say, someone’s memory. Witnesses are often too shaken or intimidated to accurately describe a criminal’s face, or a particular model of a car. Surveillance cameras are always watching, and don’t “forget” important details.

4. Surveillance cameras can be used for fun! For example, these cameras provide a unique view for an audience, such as the Cubs Wrigley Field Cam or the Winter the Dolphin Cam.

5. Surveillance cameras can provide marketing benefits, such as watching shopper’s buying patterns. For example, if you notice on the surveillance camera shoppers are always attracted to a certain display at the front of the store, an owner can use this knowledge to feature their best products (or products that need more help selling!) on this particular display.

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