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VinTech’s Greatest Security Videos

Last week, we discussed the top 5 reasons you need security cameras, but we often forget that besides crime, these cameras capture very real moments in life- sometimes beautiful, sometimes kind, and sometimes, these moments are crazy, frightening or downright funny.

Below are the top 5 greatest surveillance videos that we voted. Which is your favorite? Please comment and let us know!

#1: Coke created an ad about security moments, encouraging us to “look at the world a little differently”. We’re not sure what Coke has to do with surveillance cameras, but this ad is fantastic. We’re blown away, and somewhat emotional watching it. What do you think?

#2 These next videos show narrow escapes!

This dare devil 3 year old takes his tricycle for a ride through traffic, and don’t worry, he’s fine!

These men have cat-like reflexes!

#3: One of our personal favorite moments captured on CCTV are of animals. They’re cute, and the know how to stir up trouble!

In this next video, these deer go for a beer run!

Dubbed Sam the Shoplifting Seagull, he has a taste for cheese Doritos (we acknowledge that technically not all the seagull video was CCTV, but still fun!).

#4: Referred to as the “World’s Dumbest Criminals”, these next videos are some of the worst, and failed, escape attempts by burglars.

#5 – Captured on surveillance camera in Addison, TX, this street lurker steals a wallet and cell phone from a reception desk, without raising any suspicion.

Click to view video.

And finally, here is a compilation video of some of the best fails caught on CCTV.

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