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The Benefits of Having Mulitple Access Codes For Your Security System

Most clients do not know that there are many ways to utilize your access code that will make your system more secure.

When we think of our alarm systems, we sometimes take for granted this disarming
element. Knowing about and taking advantage of this feature can help to make your
security system more secure. All systems have what is called a “master code.” This
is the primary code that gives its user the ability to make changes in the system’s user
programming. Most people know that you have to have an access code for your alarm
system, but many people do not know that most alarm systems have the ability to add
multiple codes for arming and disarming.

The master code is designed for the system owner, and additional codes are meant for
users that will need access but do not have ownership of the system. If another person
needs to enter the secured area, it may be a good idea to add an additional code just
for them.

A good example for the use of additional access codes would be for family members
that may find it easier to remember a code that they choose. This may help with making
sure the alarm system actually gets armed when they leave the property. The more
convenient it is for a user to arm the system, the more likely they are to do it.

Another good use of additional access codes would be for businesses. Most alarm
systems give you the ability to view a history, which shows who armed and disarmed
the system along with the date and time it happened. This allows a business to track the
arming and disarming of the system as well as verify who actually armed it. A good tool
for a business to use is to have private codes for each individual. The codes will then
have a direct relation to the individual, making it less likely for someone to give a code
out or share it with others.

If everyone that uses their alarm system uses the same code, it will make it much more
difficult to determine who has actually been in the secure area. We believe it is always
a good idea to give each individual who will use the alarm system his/her own access

For an additional $6.50 per month, VinTech can set up this feature for you. Please call
us at 773-388-1208 to set up an appointment or any questions.

VinTech Alarm Update – 02/28/2013

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