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Top 4 Causes of Fires During the Holidays

fire_extinguisherWe want all of our friends and clients’ dreams to come true this season. And because we believe that nothing is more important than celebrating with peace and security, we are listing the most common causes for fires during the 2015 holidays.


The most popular gift this year might start on fire. They have gained their popularity from Back to the Future II, but some models have come with defective batteries. To prevent accidents, purchase from a reliable company.

Christmas Trees

You probably have already purchased and set up your Christmas tree by now, and because you are loving the way it looks in your living room, we won’t scare off the joy. The most important thing to do to avoid fires is to have it away from chimneys and kitchen areas.

Check your lights often to make sure they are in good condition and disconnect while leaving the house or sleeping.


Who has not heard this before? Yet they are one of the top causes of fire during the holidays. Why not try LED candles this year?

Holiday Season

Even though this is not a cause, it is an alert. December is the month with most reported fires. With this reminder, take the necessary precautions and enjoy the holidays!

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