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Protecting the System That Protects You-Why Maintenance is Important

It is no mystery that robbery, burglary, and vandalism are quite common these days.

In our November blog, our team member Blanca discussed how a new security system provided a solution the same day it was installed in one of the largest homes in Illinois. The property had been trespassed and vandalized, causing major repair cost. The first day the cameras and sensors were installed, the client received fifteen notifications all of which scared the trespassers away.

Most recently, a client of ours experienced a more serious crime; a murder had taken place near his property and the suspect was seen running into his condo building. A few weeks prior to this incident, the building had experienced a power outage; this caused the system to malfunction. Due to changes within property management companies, there was little priority in the security system.

If an incident occurs and the system isn’t operating properly, or the cameras are down, then you can’t really count on evidence to be available when you need it most. You can’t get a rain check on that!

With prevention in mind, we are listing the top five reasons to give maintenance to your equipment:

1. Reliability. The equipment continues working properly.

2. The cameras are capturing motion 24/7 and the DVR’s are recording 365 days a year. Even if the equipment is high quality, it needs a “refresh”.

3. The equipment deals with environmental stress. Outdoor cameras are outside during storms, snow, 50+ mph winds, and freezing temperatures.

4. Heavy winds can occasionally shift the camera’s focus. It wouldn’t be a good idea to have the camera lenses focused on the floor right?

5. The cost of the equipment. Maintenance will extend the life of the equipment (Protect your investment)

During a maintenance service, a technician will adjust the cameras to the proper angle, check for signs of equipment deterioration and physical condition of cable connections; make sure the software is working properly, and answer any questions you may have. It’s always recommended to ask about maintenance packages when purchasing a security system.

Whether you have a maintenance service or not, immediately call your security service provider if the system is not working properly. We also recommend contacting the security company to update the account if changes are made.

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