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Three Ways to Protect Your Business from Liability

Our mission is to provide security solutions to our clients. However, there’s not much we can do if our clients don’t do their part to protect and secure their properties properly.

Lately we hear more about incidents that were not caught by security cameras due to negligence. Just recently, one of our clients’ experience two employee assaults within the same month. When they reported the incidents to the police, they were asked to retrieve footage from their surveillance system. Unfortunately, weeks prior to the incident the system had not been working properly. The company had new management but did not reach out to inform us of this change or any malfunctions with the system. The repeated incident is considered a second offense, and the company may face liability.

Here are three ways a business can prevent liability:

  1. Updating Records: Call your security provider and inform them of any changes or system malfunctions. If the system is not working properly, it is as if you didn’t have it at all.
  1. On-site Training: As a professional in the security industry, I often emphasize the importance of training. On-site training generally has no additional cost when done in conjunction with installation. An initial training can teach your team to efficiently operate your Camera System. If a crime occurs, they will be prepared to playback the video, and download footage. Proper training can also reduce service calls, which will save you time and money. But most importantly, proper training can protect your business from liability.
  1. Maintenance: When a new management team comes into place, they will also need training to efficiently operate the system. Our technical support team is always available during business hours to assist remotely. An on-site training service can also be schedule.

The bottom line: Business management should take reasonable steps for the safety of their people involved.

Maintenance is needed!

Don’t ignore or procrastinate. Maintenance is needed!

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