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How to Safely Escape a Break-In Part 2

Last week, an elderly woman and her son were found murdered in their home in rural Sycamore. A white four-door Chevrolet Impala was stolen from the property. Police believe the murders occurred during a break in. (You can read more here)

On part 1 of this blog we wrote about steps to avoid a confrontation during a break-in. But what happens when confronting an intruder is your only option? By pressing the panic button, you have already alerted the local monitoring station, who will dispatch police immediately.  The best security companies in Chicago have a local monitoring station whose operators are familiar with Chicago and its surrounding areas and less likely to misspell data. (Accurate data will always work in your favor during emergencies). While waiting for police to arrive, you realize that you won’t get away unseen. Putting into practice these 7 tips will help you when confronting an intruder.

  1. Remain calm. Make no sudden moves, and avoid direct eye contact. Direct eye contact may cause a violent reaction.
  2. Hold your hands up to shoulder level. Ever heard of the “Hands Up Robbery Exercise”? It looks like an act of submission, but you can use it in your favor when it’s time to defend yourself.
  3. Natural Form of Speech. Try to speak as normal as possible and relay your compliance.
  4. Make protecting your possessions a second priority. As distressed as you might be, it is crucial to look after your well-beingrather than your possessions. Things can be replaced.
  5. Don’t get caught up in a weapon dilemma. Truth is, if you are not comfortable using a gun, it will only work against you.  How so? Simply put, if you are overpowered, any weapon you have can be used against you.
  6. Pepper Spray. The use of pepper spray is legal in all 50 states but in the city of Chicago security devices such as these have restrictions.  (Find more information in Illinois) – Proper training for using pepper spray is recommended.
  7. Fight Back. If you feel your life is in danger and you need to fight back, show no fear, and use anything to defend yourself.

We cannot be certain of what happened to the family mentioned at the beginning of this blog. We can only be sure that they did what they could to save their lives and so should we. A monitored security system and panic button are excellent tools to protect yourself in a perilous situation.


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