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We are amazed at how fast security needs are changing in the world. Because we live in a technological era, we are vulnerable to hacking and losing personal information to strangers. Nonetheless, surveillance has become more prominent. However, it also often rises questions of privacy. This is why we tend to debate security options and its hard to decide which is best for us. As security experts, we publish a blog every month to address current concerns. From tips about smoke detectors to conversations with former convicted burglars, we have compiled the top 9 security blogs from VinTech. Check out number 6!

1. Is Someone Watching you Right now?

Is someone watching you

This blog exposes websites that can be used by hackers to watch your live footage and the danger of using weak passwords. Similarly, it highlights the importance of changing your systems’ default passwords and adjusting your security settings.

2.  7 Tips to Protect You from Credit Card Theft

Tips to protect you from credit card theft

When large companies such as Target and Sears get hacked, consumers become preoccupied. In these cases, sensitive information becomes at risk of being compromised. This blog discuses how to protect your credit card information. Beyond the obvious tips!

3.   Surveillance Solves the Case…Again!

Boston marathon Case

This blog discusses the Boston Marathon Bombing and how footage from a nearby surveillance camera helped identify the perpetrators. As a result, lawmakers demanded the increase of public surveillance cameras. Additionally, member of Homeland Security Peter King, told MSNBC that video cameras in public locations are “a great law enforcement method’ and that ‘keeps us ahead of the terrorists’.

4.  7 Strategies to Handle the Ugly Side of Property Management

cStrategies to handle the ugly side of property management

This blog discuses the most common challenges faced by property managers. First, we took our clients’ daily concerns and second, we compiled helpful tips to help them find solutions without all the stress.

5.  5 Tips to Help You Understand Value over Lowest Price Security Bid

Value security bid

The reader can learn to compare bids to help them make a knowledge choice. Additionally, this blog discusses the basis of a reliable company and a good security system. Before making a decision, the reader can use these five points as a checklist.

6.  More Things a Burglar Won’t Tell you Part 1 and Part 2

A Burglar won't tell you

From serious to witty, these blog covers 21 questions that most property owners would like to ask burglars. However, it is not only based on facts and statistics but has real answers from real former burglars! Accordingly, learn how these insightful questions can help any reader protect themselves from becoming a victim. Note that property crimes make up more than three-quarters of all crime in the United States. Furthermore, in 2009, burglary offenses cost victims an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property.

7. Top 10 Common Reasons Your Smoke Detector is Set Off

Smoke detector

Adequate maintenance is required for smoke detectors to work properly. According to the U.S Fire Administration, from January 1st to April 21, 2017 as many as 838 home fire fatalities have been reported in the U.S. This blog discusses 10 causes that could activate your smoke detector. Additionally, it contains tips to reduce false alarms.

8. School Surveillance Cameras- Privacy vs Security

school surveillance

Installing cameras in a school setting can be very controversial and upsetting to many people. However, this blog discusses an incident of sexual assault in a school setting. Furthermore, it started a conversation as to why the institution believed adding more security cameras was part of the solution.

9.   VinTech Systems Receives Local Chicago Award for Third Consecutive Year

Vintech team

Lastly, this is one of our recent blogs. It highlights three awards that we have received as a Chicago local company. Namely, we want to thank our clients. We wouldn’t have been able to celebrate our 11th anniversary this past February without their support. Likewise, we are grateful for our talented team members and their commitment to our client’s safety. In a word, we look forward to service the Chicago area for many years to come!




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