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Emergency Call Box
Designed for secluded pathways, parking lots, and remote outdoor areas, VinTech Emergency Call Boxes provide a highly-visible security solution.
Primary Benefits of an Emergency Call Box:
  • Safety – Emergency Call Boxes promote safety by visual prevention: if you ever feel threatened, you proceed to the nearest Emergency Call Box station for immediate help.
  • Simplicity – Emergency Call Boxes feature a clear, one-button interface to ensure that anyone can press and call for help when they need it. The one-button interface is linked to security or law enforcement to provide a quick response.
  • Visibility – Featuring bright colors and lighting, Emergency Call Boxes ensure that someone in danger can easily find it.
Why use a VinTech Emergency Call Box?

Often, Emergency Call Box stations are neglected and not tested regularly. VinTech periodically checks and maintains our Emergency Call Box stations, ensuring that they work when people need them the most.

VinTech has 10+ years experience working with a wide variety of Emergency Call Box environments, including parking lots, parking decks and plaza areas, along with many other public or private spaces.

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