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Top 4 Causes of Fires During the Holidays

Top 4 Causes of Fires During the Holidays

We believe that nothing is more important than celebrating this holiday season in peace and security. Since we want all of our friends and clients’ to be safe this season, we are listing the most common causes of fires during the holidays.


The most popular gift this year its setting up on fire. Hover boards gained their popularity from the movie Back to the Future II. Nonetheless, many models have defective batteries. To prevent accidents, conduct research to find any product recalls and purchase from a reliable company. Additionally, you should consider the product’s warranty and the stores’ return policy.

Christmas Trees

Most people have already purchased and set up their Christmas tree by now. We won’t scare off your joy because we know it looks lovely in your living room.  However, its good to remember that location is key. If necessary, move your tree away from chimneys and kitchen areas. This is a simple step to do to avoid home fires. Additionally, check your holiday lights often to make sure they are in good condition. Disconnect the lights when you leave your home and while you sleep.


Candles have multiple purposes. I specially like to buy candles during the holidays because they have yummy scents. Nest’s Pumpking Chai Classic is one of my favorites!  However, candles are a top leading cause of fires during the holidays. This year, why not set up a reminder to turn off the candle? If you have young children, LED candles might be a better option.

Holiday Season

This is not a cause but its an alert. December is the month with most reported fires. Take the necessary precautions to enjoy the holidays!

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