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9 Ways Cloud-Based Access Control Reduce Costs and Boosts your Security

Thinking about upgrading your access control system or replacing your outdated key entry? A cloud-based access control system is a reliable and secure option for condos, multi-unit buildings, and large properties. It provides all the benefits of a traditional system plus additional features that boost security in your property. Let’s discuss these features in more detail and the ways a cloud-based system can reduce your security costs in the short and long term.

How Does Cloud-Based Access Control Work?

A cloud-based access control system is managed in a central station. It doesn’t need an onsite server and gives total control to grant or deny access remotely. Additionally, the system allows the creation of different levels of access for users and stores information on the cloud to have better control on security protocols.

Reduce Security Costs

Reducing costs is one of the incentives to choose a cloud-based access control instead of going the traditional route. The term “cloud” refers to a remote server, which reduces the costs of equipment in the initial installation.

Other ways Cloud-Based Access Control reduces costs:

1. Automatic upgrades. Cloud-based systems are upgraded automatically. Compared to on-premise systems that can go six months to a year between upgrades through a manual process, Cloud-based systems are often upgraded. Because of this, automatic updates reduce the costs of maintenance overtime.

2. Cost-effective management. Users can manage their security system from a single centralized location, thereby reducing the need for additional resources. Additionally, this type of systems require lower upfront costs than traditional systems.

3. Effortlessly Scalable. Cloud-based access control is designed to meet the needs of properties of any size including those that have multiple locations. Furthermore, the advantage is that if you need to secure more properties in the future, you’ll be able to integrate and manage these from the same central station.

4. Protection from Loss. Cloud-based systems offer additional protection from loss since the system cannot be destroyed by severe weather, theft, or destruction.

Boost Security in Your Property

There’s no greater incentive to upgrade your system than exactly why you got the system in the first place: boosting security in your property. A cloud-based system can boost your security by making it easier to manage, integrate with other systems, and having (unlimited) data storage.

Additional ways Cloud-Based Access Control can boosts security in your property:

5. Intuitive Systems. The latest security systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to manage. It’s time-efficient for users to investigate events and alarms across multiple areas.

6. Layered security. Data stored in the cloud is considered very secure when using a reputable provider. The data is encrypted and stored in secure servers.

7. Receive Alerts. Users can receive alerts when someone is trying to gain unauthorized access.

8. Integration with security cameras. If you have security cameras and want to integrate with your access control, you can! Users will then be able to see live video feeds of cameras deployed on-site.

9. Reduce cybersecurity risks. Transfer cybersecurity threats to the cloud provider who will monitor the system and reduce risks of hacking.

Switching to a cloud based system is a cost-effective solution for multi-unit properties and businesses of all sizes. Do you have additional questions about cloud based systems? Contact our security team at (773)388-1208 or email us at

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