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Is Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Worth it?

Cloud-based video surveillance solutions are a trendy topic in the security industry and we’re here to take notice. Last year, we began offering the service and we’re surprised by the demand and positive feedback we have received from our clients.

Are you wondering if this service lives up to its hype and if it’s time to upgrade your video security system? Let’s discuss the most common questions.

What is Cloud Video Surveillance?

Cloud-based video surveillance is a type of video security that stores footage in the cloud. Unlike traditional systems that usually store footage on a device and have limited storage space, cloud storage has more capacity and preserves footage for a longer period of time.

Cloud-based cameras are also easy to install and use. And because there’s less equipment involved, maintenance is more cost-effective. In a sense, you get the best of both worlds. A system that combines the functionality of a traditional security camera system with the ease and increased safety of cloud technology.

How does cloud surveillance work?

Security Cameras will first capture footage, then send it to a remote server through the internet, and finally save it on the cloud (rather than a recording device). The term “cloud,” as previously mentioned, refers to the remote server where the footage is uploaded and stored.

Do you really need cloud video surveillance?

Currently, this is the safest option to store footage from camera systems. Think about the following scenario: Someone breaks into your home or business and steals the camera card or all the camera equipment. If they successfully remove the system, how would you have footage of the incident?

High quality footage is very helpful to police officers. It helps narrow suspects by providing details such as appearance, tattoos, clothing and time of the incident.

With Cloud storage, you can access footage from an incident that happened months or years before and not worry about losing a file.

Additionally, physical or local video recorders, especially older models, can be expensive to maintain. They need to be cleaned and tested at least twice a year and upgraded every few years. When you switch to a cloud system, it can help reduce the cost associated with maintenance all while taking advantage of additional features.

What are the advantages of Having a Cloud-based Video Surveillance?

Cloud Surveillance provides many benefits that traditional systems do not. Some of the most attractive ones include centralized management, remote access, and a significant reduction in system hardware. Other benefits include:
Watch live feed and recorded video directly from your smartphone and manage all your locations, mapping, and AI features for facial and license plate recognition. ALL INCLUDED!
Grant access to footage with multi-user permissions.

Back up locally recorded video to the cloud to reduce the risk of losing footage if traditional equipment gets damaged.
Unlimited notifications with a monitoring service. Receive an alert if there’s a problem with storage or recording. Additionally, connect motion and environment sensors, door/window contacts, and air quality to receive notifications from all these wireless devices.

Increase storage duration and capacity. Traditional systems have limited storage capacity and may overwrite previous footage. With cloud, storage duration and capacity can be upgraded.
Upgrade to a cloud service system that allows you to connect the camera onsite, no additional hardware needed.

Cloud systems are both the safest and most modern security option currently available. They require less space for equipment, reduce the cost of maintenance services, and prolong storage length and capacity.

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