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Does your Business Security System Need a Makeover?

In the last few months, Chicago businesses have become a common target for “Crash and Smash” attacks and overnight break-ins. Thieves are targeting all kinds of businesses including those that were thought to be uncommon choices. One of the most frustrating issues is that the break-ins are often motivated by small amounts of cash or odd items like cooking oil from restaurants.

This was the case of local bakery Defloured, who was recently burglarized TWICE during the month of January. During the first incident, “ two male suspects broke the front window, entered and took an unknown amount of cash before getting into a dark-colored vehicle and driving east, police said.” The second incident was similar except it was the front door that was damaged and property was taken.

These crimes are frustrating for businesses because there is a great loss from the damage that’s done to the establishment and they are often forced to close temporarily to repair the damage. It’s an unfair situation for small business owners who lose business and are left with a feeling of vulnerability to it happening again.

Can your Business security system evolve to help minimize damage from local crime trends?

Simple changes like upgrading security equipment and training can make a real difference while an incident is in motion. This is how businesses can give a makeover to their burglar alarm and video surveillance systems to minimize loss.

Alarm Monitoring for Businesses

1. Have a plan to respond quickly when an incident is in motion. It’s important to store your alarm passcodes in a place that’s easy to access and only share it with employees you trust.  This includes regularly updating the contact list to ensure former employees are removed and new added. When a business owner stays up to date with this data, communication between your business and the monitoring company is more efficient.  In case someone tries to break-in, the alarm will be triggered and the monitoring company will call the contacts in your emergency list. Additionally, upon confirming the situation, they will dispatch police in just a few minutes.

2. Install additional motion sensors near windows and doors. Are there any additional areas in your business that need attention? Perhaps you only have sensors on the front and back door but want to secure a side window or gate? Reassessing you security needs will ensure that your business is not stagnant in any aspect including protecting additional areas that were originally missed.

3. Inform your security company of changes in schedule. Life happens and if your business undergoes a renovation or will be temporarily closed, inform your security company.  If they are aware of these changes, they can work with the monitoring station to better handle an emergency.

Video Surveillance for Businesses

1. Install additional outdoor cameras in entrances and exits or relocate a current camera to a more efficient place. In some instances, its not necessary to buy additional cameras but better distribute the ones you already have. if you are unsure if this can be done, a professional company can help you asses how to rearrange your system to maximize coverage.

2. Discuss new concerns with your security provider. Stay up to date with news and crime on your neighborhood to identify trends. If your business has outdoor security cameras and your footage can be of assistance, consider giving access to police. This way, burglars will be caught faster. Additionally, speak to your security provider to hear they recommendations.

3. Schedule training with employees to give them confidence to use the system efficiently. Do you have new employees? Skipping training is a big mistake! Everyone that operates the system should know how to manage simple features. These include playback, download footage, and passwords. When they’re know this process, it eliminates the need to call us for support. Not that we don’t want to help, but we want you to be confident and able to handle it all.


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