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Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen Avoids Theft with VinTech Alarm System

Our long-time client, Alice & Friends, contacted us last month to request help with downloading footage from their camera system.  Shortly after 10 p.m. on a Saturday night (after closing hours), two individuals tried to break in through the restaurant’s back door.

About our Client

Alice and Friends is a vegan restaurant that offers Asian-inspired dishes, specialty drinks, and house-made desserts in the Chicago area since 2001. In 2015, they installed a VinTech alarm system and indoor and outdoor security cameras. Their outdoor security cameras are registered with the City’s OEMC Program. This allows the Chicago Police Department access to public security cameras and collect evidence to solve crimes.

The night of the incident, Alice and Friends’ outdoor security cameras captured the suspects walking in the alley. The first suspect was slim-build and wore fitted black jeans, a dark-colored hoodie, and light-colored sneakers. The second suspect was medium-build and wore washed jeans, a dark jacket, and white and black sneakers. They were both seen approaching the back door of the business and forcing it open.

As soon as the door was opened, video footage displayed the burglar alarm going off and the suspects running away immediately.

The local alarm monitoring company called our client to confirm it wasn’t a false alarm. They dispatched police right away and law enforcement was able to verify that only one door was damaged.

The next day, police accessed the outdoor cameras to view footage.  At the same time, VinTech’s technical support team worked with Alice and Friends’ owner to review their indoor cameras.  They assisted in saving a copy of the incident’s footage and suggested cloud storage as an add-on service.

String of Business Burglaries in the Chicago Area

Alice and Friends’ incident is only one among a string of business burglaries that are increasing in the Chicago area. Suspects have switched their attention to restaurants, bakeries, and stores because of the possibility of finding cash or small devices that can be easily carried.

Since most businesses now receive payment with credit cards and other forms of e-payments, this means that burglars are willing to break-in and cause property damage over small amounts of cash.

All the meanwhile, small business owners can get stuck with costly repairs or lengthy insurance claims.

How can Burglar Alarms Reduce Property Damage?

A burglar alarm reduces property damage to businesses by preventing or deterring a break in. In the case of Alice and Friends, it prevented further damage to the restaurant and equipment by causing the burglars to panic.

In the aftermath of the incident, our client decided to add cloud storage service. With cloud storage, footage from their cameras is automatically saved to the cloud. This gives them peace of mind that even when physical equipment is destroyed or taken, footage is still stored.  In case an incident happens again, footage will be automatically stored and can be accessed anytime.

How to Choose the Best Security System for your Business

Because there isn’t a one-size fits all solution, the security provider you choose should be an expert in anticipating your unique needs.  Ask for a site survey where you can discuss how to best protect your property and potential challenges.

When securing a restaurant or small business, you are not only protecting your team but also potentially saving thousands of dollars by preventing damage to your property or equipment.


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