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Chicago Business uses Genetec Stratocast Video

Can Public Cameras Connected to OEMC Reduce Crime?

Armed robberies and carjackings have become a common occurrence in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Lately, it has also become more common for these incidents to occur in multiples.

Just this past Sunday night through Monday morning, a series of eight armed robberies and carjackings occurred in the South Loop and Northwest Side of Chicago. In each case, the victims were ambushed by two to four people and in some cases beaten and robbed.

This increase in serial incidents have prompted police to ask the public for help.

What can Residents do to Improve their Safety?

Download and Use the Chicago OEMC App

The official safety app of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) became available back in February.

It provides residents with preparedness tips, safety information, alerts, and the CHI Safe Walk. The CHI Walk feature shares your location with a friend or family member when walking or traveling alone. Additionally, it has the option to call the police by pressing only one button.

Download the app here

Collaborate with OEMC by linking Privately-owned Public Cameras.

Chicago property and business owners have the option to link their public cameras to the OEMC network. The main goal for residents to work with OEMC is to accelerate the process of solving crimes. When participating in the program, police are granted access to private public cameras. This minimizes valuable time that is spent calling, downloading, and sending footage from one individual to another.

One example of how communication can be delayed during an emergency is when an association or business has a new employee that doesn’t know the password or how to operate the system.

When something like this happens, we first contact the main account holder to approve the request. Once they approve it, we assist the new employee or walk them through the process of downloading the footage. And lastly, we save and send the footage to the police. This simple process can typically take a few days to complete and delay cases that are time sensitive.

Is Genetec Stratocast Video the Right Option for You?

If you are considering connecting your cameras to OEMC but still feel unsure about how this can help your organization, the experience of these two customers might help.

This is how these clients are using Genetec Stratocast cloud video surveillance to collaborate with Chicago police and manage their systems:

Client #1 – Parking Corporation

Our long time client, a parking corporation, wanted to connect their camera system to the Chicago’s office of Emergency Management & Communication (OEMC). With OEMC connection, police can access camera feed from outdoor cameras during emergencies and after appropriate notification has been given.

We recommended Genetec Stratocast video service as all cameras can be accessed and managed in the cloud.

We upgraded their 1080P HD camera to a 4K camera. The new system was not only compatible with OEMC but provided up to four times higher resolution than the standard 1080 resolution.

Client #2 – Apartment Complex

Another long-time client, an apartment complex, contacted us to replace their old camera system. They wanted the new system to be easier to manage and to have more coverage.

We replaced the old cameras with 4-lens cameras to provide 180 degree coverage.

They also opted to connect their cameras to OEMC. They report that the service makes it easier to manage the system from one central station and has improved communication with police during incidents.

Will Police Have Access to All My Cameras?

It’s important to clarify that police will only have access to cameras that are recording in public areas and will still communicate with the camera owner before accessing footage. This is also an agreement that could be revoked if the owner no longer wants to share access.

What do Property and Business Owners Need to do to Connect their Public Cameras to OEMC?

The most practical solution is Genetec Stratocast Video Surveillance. This is a well-established and reliable cloud solution that many associations, properties, and businesses are already using. Some of these include: The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, The Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field ballpark, and SSA districts.

Want to implement the use of this technology to help reduce crime in Chicago? Contact us to discuss the process or to get a quote by calling 773-388-1208.

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