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6 Business Security Essentials for Peace of Mind

Security is essential for businesses of any size and industry. However, with so many options in the market, comparing systems and capabilities can take a lot of time. This is why when searching for the best security for your business, it can be helpful to first determine your goals, budget, and the capabilities that will be most beneficial to your type of business.

Depending on the system, this will be an investment for the next 5 – 10 years and will play a vital role in day to day operations. If your goal is to increase the safety of employees, visitors, and reduce loss of valuable equipment, these are 6 options that most businesses consider.

Security Cameras provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime

From both owners and customers point of view, people are increasingly seeking more secure businesses. This is especially true in the Chicago area, where theft, carjackings and break-ins have noticeably increased since the pandemic era.

Security cameras can be a great option when your goal is to monitor activities inside and around your business. Most high-definition cameras record and send you notifications upon detecting motion. These alerts can be received directly to your phone if the system works with an App.

Additional services might include storing footage on the cloud. Security cameras and Cloud storage have become one of the most effective ways to work with police if an incident occurs. Video footage can aid law enforcement in investigations and can also be useful for internal reviews or insurance claims.

Beyond security purposes, cameras can be useful for tracking package deliveries. This perk, however, might be more important for establishments that don’t operate during regular business hours.

Alarm systems are crucial for discouraging criminal activity

The presence of alarm systems can deter potential burglars or vandals. Knowing that a business is equipped with alarms can discourage criminal activity.

Take for example, one of our clients that has a restaurant business.

Last year, two individuals tried to break in through the restaurant’s back door and outdoor security cameras captured the suspects. They were both seen approaching the back door of the business and forcing it open. As soon as the door was opened, video footage displayed the burglar alarm going off and the suspects running away immediately.

This rapid resolution works well because Alarm Systems can be connected to monitoring services and alert law enforcement or security personnel immediately. When a breach occurs,  this process ensures a swift response to potential threats, minimizing the risk of theft or damage.

An optional feature that can be added to alarms is Panic Buttons.  A panic button is essential to businesses that have a storefront but private offices can also find it useful if they need to de-escalate a situation that has gotten out of control. This alarm immediately alerts relevant personnel and provides your location and type of emergency.

For additional peace of mind, opt for a Panic Button that allows employees to not only send alerts indicating an issue but also receive confirmation that their alerts have been received.

Access control restricts entry to authorized personnel only

Access Control helps protect sensitive areas within the business and ensures that only qualified individuals can access specific resources.

This essential security tool supports your building’s daily operations. It provides easy access to tenants, maintenance crew, and outside contractors. This is why controlling your access control system remotely is helpful. You can easily provide entry to a locked site even when you’re not physically there.

Intercom systems improve two-way conversation with anyone in your organization

Intercom systems are an innovative, convenient way to improve two-way conversation with anyone in your organization. This service is ideal for offices that are not open to the public or have an “only by appointment policy.” If your employees are located in different areas of a building or in different buildings, you can effectively grant/deny access.

Additionally, an intercom system works well alongside surveillance systems such as cameras to make it easier to greet incoming visitors and direct them to certain areas of your business.

Security Gates Provide a Physical Barrier

Security gates provide a physical barrier for businesses with storefronts. Alone, they pose as a deterrent from crime, dissuading intruders from entering a property. Because they cover both doors and windows, burglars tend to perceive it as “too much work.”

In combination with a visible outdoor camera, chances are, intruders would move on to an easier target.

Security is essential for businesses. By incorporating one or multiple systems, electronic security plays a vital role in protecting from a wide range of threats, ensuring both physical security and peace of mind for business owners and employees alike.

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