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Touch-free Access Control is Here to Stay

The demand for touch-free access control is expected to continue to grow. Because of the current pandemic, this ‘touch-free’ concept seems to thrive in all public places. Furthermore, most Americans are now wearing masks and have been advised not to touch their faces or common surfaces. This is why many business owners and property managers have turned to access control as a security solution for their facilities. They recognize that even when COVID-19 is no longer a threat,  a ‘touch-free’ culture will most likely prevail. How can access control benefit both small and large properties?

Why access control is the best touch-free security solution

The best security solutions have multiple layers of security. In the case of access control, the most common types of layers are physical access cards and biometrics.

Physical access card

Access cards support a touch-free experience since the card never touches the credential reader. There is also no limit as to how many cards you can register. However, it’s recommended that only one or two individuals manage the touch-free access control system. This will allow an owner or property manager to have more control. You can also choose which areas and at which times a person has access. Finally, you don’t even have to worry about receiving the ‘key’ back. Simply, deactivate it!

An unexpected advantage of these access cards is that they’re made of white PVC material. The user can effectively clean the PVC card with a disinfecting wipe. Not only will the user feel safe but they can have a peace of mind knowing their card is clean and ready to use.


Biometric readers capture and scan a person’s biometric data. Examples of biometric data include face recognition, iris match, and fingerprints. Once the information is collected, the biometric reader will verify it and grant access.

Biometric readings are both unique and universal. When used in combination with physical access cards, they are like a second security wall. Nonetheless, owners should also adhere to high standards of security. They are working with confidential information and need to take the necessary steps to protect the individuals who use this system.

Can you believe the latest news claim some companies are using race recognition software? It seems like it’s only in the retail industry but could possibly expand. Can you imagine a software like this in the workplace?

Remote Access

Many Americans are now working remotely but many expect to go back to the office in the following months. This is why this is a perfect time to make a workplace security plan. As an owner or property manager, you want to decide who will have access to your building. Additionally, managers should look for a security system that can be managed remotely. Remote access through your smartphone will enable you to manage your security system from any place. This will mean that no contact will be needed to grant or deny access. You will be able to activate an access card automatically. Finally, if you install an automatic actuator to open the door, visitors won’t even have to touch the door to go into the building.

You can completely manage a touch-free access control system remotely. It’s easy to use, reliable, and practical.

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