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Halloween Safety Tips from CrimeWire

Halloween safety tips!

Clients and friends,

We can feel the fall weather in Chicago and its a reminder that Halloween is just around the corner. There is always something fun and intriguing about dressing up and being someone else for a night, don’t you agree? However, criminals take advantage of this. They hide their identity behind their Halloween masks to commit crimes. Parties get violent, children get tampered candy, and businesses are robbed. The community suffers when residents don’t follow Halloween safety tips.

What Can You do to Keep Children Safe?

CrimeWire recommends to supervise children closely. They are specially vulnerable to sexual predators when they knock on doors. Additionally, they should wait to consume candy until after adults search the contents. If possible, opt for trick or treating at businesses. Not only do they have better lighting but the treats are usually safer. Please beware that some business require that people take their masks off before entering. Its best to follow this guidelines to prevent any accidents. You can read more tips on how to keep your little ghouls and goblins safe this Halloween with these tips from Crimewire.

We hope our Chicago residents get nice weather.

Haunted Pub caught on camera? yikes!

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