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Your Chicago Property Needs Security Cameras

Your Chicago Property Needs Security Cameras

Opening the doors of your property to find that you were robbed can be unsettling. Insurance is helpful but you still want those who are responsible to be arrested.

LG Bar, a Chicago business located in the neighborhood of Old Town was robbed overnight last spring. The bar’s cameras recorded HD images of the intruders. In fact, their faces, clothing, and special characteristics were all identified. Chicago police received footage containing all the useful evidence.

Nowadays, more crimes are solved with the help of technology, social media, and security cameras. You can expect this peace of mind when acquiring security system for your property or business.

Helps Deter Crime

Some businesses post photos of thieves in their he wall of shame to expose criminals. Similarly, security cameras can work to intimidate thieves. Their main purpose is to deter crime although they can’t stop it. Nonetheless, basic security measures should not be neglected. Property owners still need to lock their doors, report suspicious activity, and activate their alarm system overnight.

Increase the Security of your Community

Communities often have block watch programs in their neighborhoods. These programs rely on volunteers to keep a watchful eye and report crime in their blocks. In the past, it was common to complain about nosy neighbors. Nowadays, these community programs rely heavily on technology. For example, the suburb of Hindsdale, IL. Their program Block Watch registers their neighborhood’s outdoor cameras. The neighborhood’s quality of life reflects the programs’ success. In 2019, Hindsdale IL ranks safer than 81% of U.S cities. In this town, security cameras have become the new community that keeps watch 24/7. 

Refute False Claims

From time to time, businesses have to deal with incorrect claims from clients. False claims can do more than ruin your day. Security camera footage can help resolve those claims faster when you use it as evidence. Evidence can help settle a claim whether its a misunderstanding or crime.

Its reliable Witness

When settling disputes, eye witnesses can forget important details or may unintentionally change a suspect’s description, time, or even the date of the crime. With a security camera, police can collect images and process them using face recognition. They can create an exact timeline of events (using date and time from footage) to help them gather evidence to present in court if needed.

Monitor Activity

Monitoring can help you determine the cause of inexplicable loses in your business or property. However, trust between you and your neighbors and/or your employees is also important. It would be a terrible idea to accuse someone without evidence. Even when a neighbor or an employee claims to have seen another person doing something, its not granted. A security camera system enables you to make an informed decision. Cameras should be used for protection not to micromanage.

A security camera system can empower you, protect your assets, and keep you safe by deterring crime from your community.

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