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What is Security for a Peaceful Life?

We asked our team to share their thoughts on what Security for a Peaceful Life means to them. Our tagline Security for a Peaceful Life was born out of the desire to help people feel confident through physical protection. VinTech believes that the right security system supports a high quality of life.

Read along to see what they shared.

Mun, VinTech’s president, was a child when her home was burglarized while their family was asleep. The next morning, the family found one of their kitchen’s butcher knives placed in the living room. She began to feel unsafe at home and experienced recurring nightmares about the incident. She recalls “I had no peace of mind until we moved to a new home.”

Incidents like this can have a long-term effect on how we view protection. In Mun’s case, not only did it disturb her peace at an early age but later influenced her decision to take a role in the security industry.

Why is it important to feel secure?

Feeling secure is at the base of every success in a person’s life. It means having a sense of control of yourself and the environment. Many factors can influence our sense of security. These include both internal (mindfulness, confidence, and inner peace) and external (a support system that includes physical and emotional security measures).

Ideally, both internal and external factors not only have to co-exists but thrive in order to feel secure.

How does Security for a Peaceful Life look in real life?

Being Completely Present.

When was the last time you stopped, took a deep breath, and focused on listening and looking at everything around you? If you have never done this, it might take some practice. The goal is not to simply look but to become aware of your surroundings and stay there as long as possible.

Which factors disrupt the process of staying present?

We often think about the safety of those we love but don’t ask ourselves if we feel safe. From time to time, we might think about possible scenarios that could bring us harm but we know that these situations usually require a reaction from us. However, do we ever give ourselves time to think about what it would take for us to feel completely safe? When we become aware of the importance of meditating about this, it changes our perspective of what being protected should feel like.

Romeo, Technician at VinTech Systems, believes that protection should enable you to “ease your mind from unexpected dangers. As in being safe in a way that you don’t even need to think about being in any possible danger.”

And if there is one place where you shouldn’t have to think about being in any possible danger, it should be your home.

This is why the job of a reliable security system is to protect what’s most important to you. When you have confidence in your physical security, you’re more likely to shift your focus to stay in the moment. Whether it’s having dinner with family or going to sleep, a high quality security system can support your peace of mind to help you stay present.

Have a Peaceful Mind & Sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, “It is believed that between 15% and 20% of adults experience short-term insomnia in any given year.” Sometimes, identifying the reason(s) for these changes is not that easy. However, practicing regular self-care can help.

For example, Antonieta, VinTech’s administrative assistant, believes that good sleep is needed to have a peaceful life. She uses aromatherapy to calm her mind before going to sleep in search of: “TRANQUILITY.” Then she starts to “imagine being able to sleep without being concerned.”

Just like Antonieta, many of our clients feel that a night routine in preparation for sleep helps them calm their mind. Additionally, if you take similar steps every night, you’ll be more likely to not forget to lock your doors or arm your security system.

Secure your Financial Stability

One additional component that can help you feel secure is to protect your property against theft and damage.

Mun, VinTech’s owner and founder, knows that security is not something you want to delegate to just anyone. She stands by the company’s core value of protection because she also uses our security systems to help her feel at ease: “As a business owner, it’s important for me to know what’s going on during operations. We are able to see some improper behavior, […] and who is working hard. It’s also important for us to know that our property is protected during non-business hours.”

Whether it is at your business or at home, protecting your assets can bring you the comfort of financial stability. And even though you can’t always be there, you can be confident that you have already taken the steps to secure your property and items of value.

Security for a Peaceful Life is more than a tagline for our founder and team. We work every day to find solutions that will work best with our clients goals. We want to help them find “[…] peace of mind when you’re at home or away.” _ Kyle, Lead Technician.

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