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We are Hiring a Service/Installation Technician!

Service and installation Technician, we have a career opportunity for you!

VinTech Systems is currently looking for a full-time service and installation technician. Finding a job that matches your interests, offers competitive salary, and a balanced personal life is possible. Our eleven years of success are based on our competitiveness in the industry and a strong team. This position will be open beginning Monday August 28th, as one of our team members will be relocating to Indiana. We wish him the best!

Are you or someone you know looking for a service technician position?  Do you think you will be a good fit for our team?  If so, consider the following 8 questions and follow the link to submit your resume.

1. Do you have a High School diploma or equivalent?

This is the first question you will see before submitting your resume. That is, because it is a requirement to have a High School diploma for this position. By acquiring this essential education level an individual demonstrates to be persistent and motivated to take initiative. We welcome new members that want to develop new skills as part of our team.

2. Do you possess an IL driver license with a good driving record?

One of the job responsibilities will be to safely drive our company vehicles. We require a good driving record so that we can trust every employee to represent VinTech’s values at all times.

3. Can you pass a comprehensive background check?

 As a licensed company, we perform background checks on every new employee.  Honesty and strong moral principles are key for every member of our team. Good character determines a great work ethic, as honesty is the key to success. (This is one of our core values, click this link to learn more)

4. What security installation experience do you have?

Think about how your past jobs or internships relate to this position. Your past experience should be similar to this position. Include all relevant experince  on your resume!

5. Do you have an interest in security?

We are all about security. Nicely put, this topic will come up everyday; and frankly, we want to keep the conversation interesting. Yes, there will always be things to learn. Most of the time, hands on-practice. We want training to be enjoyable. The ideal candidate must demonstrate interest in security and technology.

6. Can you positively represent our company with new and long-term clients?

We are a local business and we can proudly say we are expanding outside Chicago. This is mainly due to our many references from loyal clients. We believe the key to this success is happiness. We are invested in cultivating a positive atmosphere between our team and our clients. An ideal candidate, must be willing to take personal interest in our clients and communicate with them efficiently.

7. Are you willing to learn and are you open to changes in procedures and company innovation?

 When we hire, we look for colleagues that can grow with us.

8. What schedule and salary are you looking for?

This is a full time position. Days and hours are typically Monday to Friday, between 8:00-6:00 p.m.
Interested? We would love to hear from you!
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