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Case Study: The Chicago Chinatown Neighborhood

Case Study

The Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce decided to add an additional 18 cameras in the Chicago Chinatown area. While the neighborhood is considered quite safe, community leaders have been discussing the ongoing safety of residents and tourists. In association with Chicago Chinatown parking, The Chicago Chinatown Chamber of commerce selected our company to provide expertise and installation of the new cameras. 

The Challenge

Our challenge was to identify the most suitable locations to distribute the cameras. The Chinatown neighborhood is located in Chicago’s south side so we carefully considered the needs of the community to provide optimal solutions.

During our meetings, we identified areas with higher crime rates. We decided to focus on even distribution to maximize coverage.  Additionally, we recommended the use of wireless high definition cameras that detect motion.  These cameras follow motion, record continuously, and provide wider coverage.  Furthermore, a single high definition cameras is capable of covering the same area as four analog cameras. This capability was essential in providing wider coverage while simultaneously being cost-effective.

The Solution

As part of the solution, we also emphasize the importance of being able to identify facial features and license plate numbers. Only high definition cameras can enhanced images without compromising details. The system’s DVR automatically saves and stores footage for up to 21 days. If a crime occurs,  police officials can obtain the footage to assist in identifying the offender.  In many cases, this leads to an arrest. 

Moreover, other Chicago neighborhoods are already taking similar actions in an effort to increase safety in their communities. We are confident that every effort will improve safety in these communities.


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