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3 Top Perks of Home Security with Remote Access

The FBI reported that 71.6 percent of all U.S. burglaries in 2015 were in residential properties. Many home owners take the first step to protect their families and assets by installing security cameras or a burglar alarms in their homes.  People with busy schedules prefer remote access to view their system.  Remote access is ideal because it gives you control of your home security system at all times.  All you need is your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  Keep a close watch over family and possessions in your life!

Remotely Access your Camera Feed.

With remote access, users can view their camera feed anytime. Additionally, they can playback recorded files to view footage. What happens when you go on vacation and don’t have anyone to check on your house? or if you want to check on your pets during the day while you are at work? Have peace of mind by accessing your cameras remotely.

Control your Alarm.

When you have alarm monitoring, if the alarm goes off, the local monitoring station will contact you to make sure everything is OK and dispatch the police if necessary. But what happens when you leave your house and later realize you forgot to arm your alarm? With remote access, you can simply arm your alarm using the App. If you go out of town for a few days, you can make sure your garage door is closed, adjust your thermostat or control your lights. Turning your lights on while you are away can create the illusion that the home is occupied and protect your home from a burglary.

Set up e-mail or text notifications to alert you of a fire or intrusion.

Sometimes burglars find a way to break into a home without setting off the alarm or simply enter the home regardless of the alert. The next five minutes are crucial. Not only will police be notified instantly but you will receive an alert and be able to playback and share video footage of the crime with them.

If you feel that you could benefit from any of these features, contact your security company for more information. They can train you to use the remote viewing App effectively.

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