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Can spiders set your alarm off?

Can spiders set your alarm off?

The beginning of fall season has its perks. There are new menus in our favorite cafes, leaves change color, evening walks in comfortable weather are possible, and we can enjoy a new show-binge on Netflix. The popular Halloween decorations include pumpkins, ghosts and spiders. What most people don’t realize is that these fake spiders and their webs are not the only ones “creeping around” their homes. The problem lies within, really. Female spiders tend to reside indoors and at this time of the year, male spiders intrude homes in search of a mate. These so called “sex-starved spiders” can be big enough to set your burglar alarm off. Needless to say, not only can this be very irritating but they can also set off false alarms. The following five points are useful measures to repel spiders from your home.

Turning off the lights.

This is not to set a romantic mood for the spiders! Insects such as flies and mosquitoes are naturally attracted to light. These outdoor lights can attract spiders seeking food and shelter. If you currently leave the lights on for security reasons, switching to motion sensor lights can be a viable option.

Do you smell citrus?

If you enjoy a fresh citrus scent, this is a great option for you.  Peppermint leaves or oil, and eucalyptus can work as repellents or you can try lemon, orange or grapefruit cleaning solutions.

Fill in the Gaps.

Just like most intruders, spiders commonly make their way into your house through windows and doors. It is essential to seal any gaps under doors and windows. Paying special attention to bathroom windows can pay off. Spiders love moist places, which is why we commonly find them in the bathroom.

Clearing spider webs

In most cases, spider webs reside in blind spots. Unless there is bright light in the house, it is difficult to spot them. These are some of the places you can start with: the ceiling, walls (especially at corners), behind boxes, under the kitchen or bathroom sink, inside the closet, behind the couch, etc. One important thing to remember is to wear gloves before moving any item that has been static for some time. Although most spiders are harmless and aid to control infestations, you probably don’t want to touch them.

Consider Cedar-wood furniture.

For unknown reasons, spiders detest cedar wood furniture. Although most people would jump at the opportunity to change their furniture, it is not always possible. Nonetheless, this is something to take into consideration next time you are looking for a sofa.

It is important to remember that if a false alarm occurs, your security company needs your most updated account information. By updating contact names and numbers, you will be able to verify if it is a false alarm or a real emergency.  If the account is not up to date or if the contacts listed do not respond, the police could be dispatched, possibly resulting in a fee charge.

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