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Security Cameras are the Best Witness Ever!

Security cameras are great tools to protect a property. They can sometimes witness crimes, accidents, and even strange things. Video footage is more than ever consider a reliable witness because it offers concrete proof. They can help prosecute crimes by identifying the criminal, time of incident, and developing a timeline. Many cities like Chicago have their own security network. Police officers have access to hundreds of cameras around the city to review footage in case there is a crime in a community.

Is the Delivery Man Eating Your Pizza?

Sometimes footage from a security camera can also help witness hilarious moments like those that we used to enjoy watching back in the 90’s in America’s Funniest Videos. This is the case of the video we are sharing today. Watch this delivery man as he opens a clients’ pizza and starts picking ingredients with his hands! Certainly, a thing to get you fired nowadays buddy! or at least not deserving of a penny tip. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean we can’t get a good laugh.

For future reference, is good to remember that security cameras are almost everywhere in public even if we can’t see them. This includes elevators.


I know this is not my pizza but I can’t stop watching! Now we know why our pizzas sometimes have less toppings and its not a good picture.

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