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Three Ways to Protect Your Business from Liability

Optimizing your security system can protect your business from liability.

Sometimes we hear stories about incidents that aren’t caught by security cameras due to management negligence. Just recently, a client experience two employee assaults within a month. The employees reported the incidents to police and they were asked to retrieve footage from the business’ surveillance system. Unfortunately, weeks prior to the incident the system was not working well. Additionally, the company had new management and did not update their information with us. Is was the perfect storm for disaster. The second incident is a repeated offense and the company could face liability.

These are three ways to prevent business’ liability.

Update your Records

Call your security provider to inform them of management changes and system malfunctions. Its important to have current account information. In case of an emergency, the security company will know who to contact. Additionally, if the system is not working properly its the same as if you didn’t have it at all.

Conduct on-site Training

As a professional in the security industry, we often emphasize the importance of training. Generally, on site training has no additional cost when done in conjunction with installation. Initial training can teach a team to efficiently operate your security system. They will be prepared to playback video and download footage if a crime occurs. Proper training can also reduce service calls, save you time, and money. Most importantly, training can protect your business from liability.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Professional companies should offer maintenance plans. These plans include regular maintenance, technical support, and discounts in equipment. Furthermore, its a secure way to have a reliable system. Just like a car, regular maintenance on your security system will improve its performance.

Our technical support team is always available to update records, conduct on-site training, and schedule a maintenance service. Contact us!  Property managers can always be ahead of the game when it comes to preventive measures. Take reasonable steps for the safety of your employees and public.

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