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Alarm Monitoring system

Pros and Cons of a DIY Alarm System

Is a DIY alarm kit better than hiring a full-service alarm company?  DIY alarm companies are only licensed to sell their product. They aren’t required to obtain a license to perform installations. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean bad business. Check out the following pros and cons of buying a DYI system.


DIY Alarm is economical

Installing the system yourself will initially get you big savings. Professional installations can have a high cost depending on the complexity of the system. Nonetheless, its recommended to first research the company to make sure its established. Second, its important to ask about the equipment’s warranty and return policy. After all, there shouldn’t be a reason to keep a system that doesn’t perform well or doesn’t fit your needs.

Take your Alarm System Wherever you go

DIY Systems are easy to uninstall. Renters or those who move often might consider this a good option. The ability to take the system wherever you go will be convenient. Additionally, installation costs will not apply as you will re-install the system yourself.

Has no Annual Contracts

Most alarm companies require a 1 or 2 year monitoring services contract. But a self-monitored security system doesn’t require a central station to monitor the system or a monthly service fee. This self-monitored security system saves the user from being in a contract and the cost of monitoring their alarm. However, the user is in charge of calling police in case of an emergency. They are also responsible for any repairs the system will inevitably require in the future.


Installations Can Go Wrong

We often receive calls from people who ask if we can fix or re-install a system they purchased online. The problem is that most professional companies will decline. Why? We can’t provide a warranty for either the job or the system. Additionally, we can’t verify if the equipment is faulty or if it has been altered prior to installation.

Limited Technical Support & Maintenance Madness

Have you called the company who sold you the equipment? Are they nowhere to be found or place you on hold for long periods of time? Other companies might agree to service the system but they can’t assure they will fix the issues. Nonetheless, they will still have to charge. The money initially saved might exceed the costs as repairs costs increase.

Remote Access Can be Hacked

Remote access is not only convenient but usually a secure way to monitor your alarm system. However, there is still a risk to be hacked. Once a hacker has your username and password, they can use it to disable your alarm system. Forbes’ article describes how a popular alarm brand can be disabled with magnets and tape. Save yourself from hackers! Have a professional walk you through the process of setting up your remote access App. Ask them for tips to protect your privacy.

These pros and cons of a DIY system should help you decide if this system fits your needs. Contact at least 3 companies and ask questions.

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